Design Studio & Type Foundry

Wild Edge is a design studio that conceptually solves problems, meticulously crafts products, takes commissions, and welcomes collaboration. From romancing the delicate nuances of branded fonts to poring over the woodgrains of interior design, Wild Edge makes things that help the world communicate and live beautifully.

\\ Brand Identity

Your company has a visual voice and an identity. Are you clearly communicating the right message across all touchpoints?

Brand identity is the such a critical piece to a company. The right combination of logo, typography, color, and visual elements can create something powerful your customers will remember. With consistency and time, you will build trust and brand loyalty.

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\\ Content Design

It’s one thing to have content, but an entirely different story when you can transform your content into an immersive experience.

We live in an content-driven world where content is king. By creating the perfect mix of tone, manner, and medium you can empower your content to convert an audience into a customer base and users into embassadors.

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\\ Experience Design

Know your customer and their needs then get them from point A to B in the most delightful way possible. Then repeat.

It is so important to know who your users are. Start by understanding their needs, desires, frustrations, and background. From there, you can define end goals and how you want your users to reach those goals.

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