Pandora Adds Clarika to its Font Playlist

Pandora recently upgraded its brand’s typography sporting Clarika as a brand font with the launch of the new Pandora For Brands website.

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Clarika Geometric and Grotesque Sans Serif Font Superfamily Typeface Hero Poster by The Refinery


#1 US Music streaming service, Pandora, recently upgraded its brand’s typography to feature Clarika as its text font. When paired with the brand’s vibrant color scheme and style-shuffling logo, the brand gives off a modern yet slightly retro, and experimental vibe perfect for reaching the next generation of diverse listeners across all wavelengths.

Evolving the Brand to Go Beyond Music

Since its brand overhaul in 2016, it has been intriguing to watch Pandora evolve its visual identity and enforce its rank as the #1 US music streaming service. However, audio streaming is changing fast and Pandora knows it. It is no longer a strong enough business model to only have the largest media selection, the highest quality content, or even the slickest mobile app experience. The next evolution for the top digital streaming services is gaining deep understanding on trends and data in order to provide a rich personalized user experience and influence the industry as a whole. It appears this is exactly where Pandora is aiming with the launch of the Pandora For Brands sub-brand.

Pandora new brand font clarika geometric Pandora for brands website home typography by The Refinery

A Disruption Is Coming and It's a Sonic Revolution!

I was excited when I saw the rollout of the new Pandora For Brands website, not only because this is where Clarika made its debut with the sub-brand, but to see the perspective Pandora offers to brands trying to find a voice in the audio streaming space. If you want to learn more about Pandora’s take on the state of audio streaming and audio UX, check out their guide, TURN IT UP! 2019 Definitive Guide to Audio (Which is chock full of Clarika goodness). While on the topic of Clarika, let's talk about Pandora's typography and what it may mean to the brand in the coming years — but first, a little eye candy and branding showcase...

Pandora new brand font clarika geometric UI blurbs by The Refinery Pandora new brand font clarika geometric AM/FM Chart typography by The Refinery

Why Does Clarika Have the Right Typographic Tone for Pandora?

Pandora For Brands speaks to an incredibly wide range of users across the world. As you observe the style-shuffling logo, the vibrant shifting color scheme, and the wild range of textures found throughout the brand, it appears the brand is building a diverse identity that will likely become personalized to individual users. With this approach to visual identity, it is important to have consistent elements to keep the brand from losing itself when trying to appeal to different audiences.

Pandora new brand font clarika geometric UI blurbs by The Refinery

Modest by design, Clarika allows the message do the talking. It doesn’t demand more attention than it needs. Also designed for function, Clarika communicates clearly at both a micro and macro scale making it a great candidate for content, UI, and even the occational headline. From the visual identity perspective, Clarika Geometric is a great companion to the Pandora wordmark (shown above) as both rely heavily on rounded geometric forms to create an unobtrusive yet memorable identity.

This brand isn't a one-font show, however. Ivar font family by Letters from Sweden, plays a major role in the identity. In fact, Clarika primarily plays stagehand while Ivar creates attention-grabbing headlines, front and center. Together this font pairing creates a symphony of content able to play on a stage as small as a smartphone or as large as a billboard.

Pandora new brand font clarika geometric diverse brand typography by The Refinery Pandora new brand font clarika geometric voice purchasing research typography by The Refinery Pandora new brand font clarika dynamic sequential audio typography by The Refinery

While Pandora For Brands has only just begun rolling out Clarika, I would suspect we will be seeing much more Pandora/Clarika branded content in the near future from this brand. Be sure to keep an eye on Pandora's Insights Lab as well, if you want to stay up to speed on audio trends and discover the impact it could have on your brand (The Insights logo is also set in Clarika, which is also worth a closer look).

And Now for the Shameless Self-promotion

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— Brandon