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Clarika and website play stagehand to a talented actress on the rise.

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Jess Nahikian is an exceptionally talented, hardworking, American born, British trained actress with a passion for great books and big dogs. With appearances on shows like Blacklist, it's no mystery that she's going places. As her career continues to reach new heights, she came to the realization that her brand and website needed to follow suit; it needed to capture where she has been but more importantly paint a picture of where she is headed.

Typography played an integral role in capturing the right tone and manner: professionalism, elegance, and a dash of quirkiness. To create typography as unique as Jess, headlines were designed using her own handwriting. Clarika was chosen for both titling and body copy as it promoted a professional, elegant, and timeless vibe across the entire experience.

It was a pleasure learning about Jess's ambitions and trying to absorb even a drop of the level of passion she has for her work and for life. With Clarika and a new website as stagehands, she will surely reach wherever she aims.