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Client: SEGA

Gaming legend commissioned cyrillic character set and licenses Clarika for Sonic Racing on Apple Arcade.

Customer: Pandora

#1 US music streaming service licensed Clarika for brand typography of sub-brand Pandora for Brands.

Client: Costa

Costa commissioned custom headline font inspired by its logo to bring its branding to micro-typographic levels.

Customer: Heine

Coveted German women's fashion brand licensed Clarika for it's brand typography across web, print, and app.

Client: Factworks

International R&A company commissioned custom numeral features and Office compatible Clarika for rebrand.

Customer: Ceridian

HCM software company licensed Clarika for rebranded identity system including logo and product branding.

Customer: Habitat III / United Nations

United Nations licensed Clarika for wayfinding at World Urban Forum 9 exhibition in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Client: One Training Center

Leading fitness chain in Central Switzerland acquired custom Clarika Office licenses for its 700 employees.

Customer: Klipsch

Leading audio brand licensed Clarika for wireless headphone website.

Customer: KZVBW

Dental Association of Baden-Württemberg licensec Clarika for high-traffic news site and print collateral.

Customer: Rehabilitation Hospital of Montana

Cutting edge rehabilitation hospital licensed Clarika for brand identity and building signage.

Customer: Whalers Brewing Co.

Thriving Rhode Island-based brewery licensed Clarika for web content.

Customer: TASK.

Australian software house licensed Clarika for brand identity, typography, and web experience.

Customer: Isom Global Strategies

Award-winning strategic marketing and management firm licensed Clarika for new brand identity and typography.

Customer: Discover White

Düsseldorf dental firm licensed Clarika to bring elegance and beauty to its methodical brand and messaging.